welcome to neuralFX

our FOREX signal service provides high profit income streams for private traders & institutional investors worldwide. we combine artificial intelligence technology and two decades of FX trading experience. our trading activity is highly specialized and focused on one single currency pair: AUDNZD.

over the last 3 years we achieved trading profits of >300% under a limited risk trading strategy. AUDNZD can be traded with any major FX broker worldwide & our daily signals are easy to implement. to help prospective clients in testing and evaluating our signals we offer a 1 month trial with full customer support. (80% off regular price)

reasons for trading neuralFX signals 
  • artificial intelligence & scientific approach to FOREX trading (state of the art neural networks, specialized pair selection etc)
  • constant high profits & expert money management skills (stop loss, take profit, trailing stop) 
  • detailed results on our website and on our blog
  • daily trade easy to execute after the 1 month trial practice 


general information

the neural networks which we build, train and test at nFX are an excellent instrument when it comes to financial pattern recognition and financial forecasting. we combine these technologies with money management skills and FOREX trading expertise. the fact that we trade AUDNZD exclusively has a scientific background. the reasons for choosing this pair is a special connection between AUDNZDs statistical quote development and the pattern recognition abilities of neural networks.

our daily trading signals are suited for private traders as well as FOREX experts or institutional investors. our managed account program will soon give you the opportunity to participate in the profits we make on the FX market without having to become an active trader yourself.

if you have any questions concerning our signals & our technology please contact us: info@neuralfx.eu 

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