welcome to neuralFX

with our FOREX signal service (managed account program coming soon in 2017!) we generate high profit income streams for traders & investors worldwide by trading AUDNZD exclusively on the worlds largest & most liquid market: the 24h FOREX market 

reasons for trading neuralFX signals 
  • constant high profits with our neural AUDNZD signals over the last 3 years
  • long time expertise in FOREX daytrading with artificial intelligence
  • neural network technology applied for financial pattern recognition
  • each trade is documented in the track record on our website and on our blog
  • we offer a 1 month free trial with full customer support


general information

the neural networks which we build, train and test at nFX are an excellent instrument when it comes to financial pattern recognition and financial forecasting. we combine these technological abilities with money management skills and FOREX trading expertise. the trading signals and results we generate will convince you. you have the possibility to test and evaluate our trading signals by ordering a 1 month free trial. 

our signals are suited for private traders as well as FOREX experts or institutional investors. the managed account program will soon give you the opportunity to participate in the profits we make on the FX market without having to become an active trader yourself. (nFX will be able to trade the accounts of our clients; we WILL NOT have access to investor funds or the right to transfer/withdraw money) in short: your funds are 100% safe.

please take your time to visit the links in our navigation menu for more explanations and a detailed summary of our results. you will also find useful information on many topics like neural network technology in general, setup of neural nets at nFX, trading strategy, expert tools etc......


and now to our products: signal service & managed account


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  • managed account program