neural AUDNZD trading system

what makes our trading system so successful

  1. 1  specialization on daytrading AUDNZD
  2. 2  sophisticated neural network technology
  3. 3  excellent risk management


reasons for the efficiency of artificial intelligence when employed for forecasting AUDNZD 

  • both countries are in solid economic condition
  • both currencies are among the most traded and liquid in the world
  • AUDNZD is independent of daily news & volatility regarding USD, EURO, YEN or GBP 

we were being told by many of our clients that at first sight they were extremely surprised by our focus on AUDNZD and our reluctance to offer different pairs or develop neural networks for euro, usd, yen etc. some of them even offered us a rather big amount of money for developing neurals on major pairs again. (we had been offering these forecasts for over 10 years) 

our argument was that every client we ever met was interested in making money. the more - the better. no trader, investor or money manager ever cared about which pair he made his profits with. in years of training, testing and operating neural nets we found out that we constantly achieved the best results with AUDNZD.


why should we daytrade a different pair?   

we started trading AUDNZD exclusively by january 12, 2015 and generated tremendous profits in our first year. if we can get anywhere near this performance in the coming years, then our clients will jump with joy. and so will we. of course we do have clues and ideas about why exactly AUDNZD combines that extremely well with neural network technology. we do our best to give you a comprehensible  explanation in the expert_section 


neural network strategy  

We set up 20+ neural nets and train them with various different data bases. Different in terms of input factors, time scale, neural network architecture etc... By combining these 20+ forecasts we generate one trading signal for the next 24h. It’s either BUY or SELL.
(we do not deliver any useless conditional if-then-else-forecasts that leave every room for interpretation, manipulation and excuses)

Of course we monitor quote development throughout the day. in case of an intraday change in the setup of your current trade you will be informed immediately via email and text message. these changes may concern a variation in leverage or a change in stop loss.