neural AUDNZD trading system

specialization on trading AUDNZD: scientific research and our expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and neural network technology led to the focus on AUDNZD. this pair is truly unique in many respects. the neural networks which we train, test and validate on a daily basis are extremely successful when forecasting AUDNZD quote development with a 24h horizon. the reasons for this can be found in correlation data to euro, usd, gbp,  yen and furthermore in the reaction pattern to technical factors in the worldwide FOREX market and daily news development.

neural network technology: We set up 20+ neural nets and train them with various different data bases. Different in terms of input factors, time scale, neural network architecture etc... By combining these 20+ forecasts we generate a trading signal for the next 24h. It’s an unconditional BUY or SELL instruction. we do not leave room for interpretation or excuses.

risk management: we evaluate support and resistance lines on a daily basis and send out stop loss and take profit limits together with our BUY/SELL signal. this enables you to compare the results which we publish on our website and blog to the results you generate on your own private trading account. you can evaluate and verify our public track record immediately. daily risk exposure of our trades is limited to a maximum of 4% of account volume. we first determine the pip distance of our stop loss to the current entry quote and then calculate the appropriate leverage value. pip distance of stop loss ranges from 50 to a maximum of 80 pips. take profit ranges are between 80 pips and 160 pips. we will be glad to assist you in determining appropriate leverage for your trading account!