1 month trial FOREX signals (€10.-)


if you wish to order our 1 month trial right away, please click the TRIAL ICON and fill in the form. if you require information please read on. for more details you can also mail your questions to: info@neuralfx.eu


if you sign up for our neural  trial FOREX signals you'll receive the following services & benefits:


  • our daily real time forex trading signals for a period of 1 month. the signal includes buy/sell instruction, stop loss level, exit limit and the result of the previous trading day.
  • the possibility to verify first hand that the results we publish on our website and blog are genuine and NO SCAM. all you have to do is compare our signals which we send to you with the track record on our sites.
  • our full support for any questions you might have regarding the forecasts or any other forex trading issues. simply mail your questions to: trial@neuralfx.eu or send awhatsapp to: +43 664 3969079
  • in case you decide to become a regular subscriber after your 1 month trial period the €10.- trial fee will be deducted from your first order.


the main purpose of offering a reduced trial (80% off regular price) is to prove to prospective clients that the results we publish are genuine and correct. they are achieved under real market conditions. for information on intraday & historical quote development of AUDNZD the following link will be helpful: www.investing.com

we strongly recommend that you open up a demo account with a FOREX broker and start practicing with our signals during the free trial period. this will help you get used to the trading platform and also help you cope with the pitfalls that will undoubtedly occur in daily trading.

the signals will be sent to your email account(s) and/or to your mobile phone via text message. as already mentioned it‘s a clear and unconditional BUY/SELL signal including exit limit and stop loss. the second item in the signal mail shows the result of the previous trading day.

FOREX trading signal for tuesday, mar. 7, 2017:

current entry quote: 1.0840
stop loss: 1.0910 (70 pips)
exit limit: 1.0760 (80 pips)

FOREX SIGNAL RESULT for monday, mar. 6, 2017:

open: 1.0780
close: 1.0840
result: +60 pips

you will also receive any assistance or coaching you ask for in the course of trading our signals: support@neuralfx.eu